We have improving the social, educational and economic situations of rural and urban/rural women,Improving girls’ education and women’s literacy, Motivating grassroots women to form self-help groups and schemes for their economic development, Raising awareness among grassroots women on collective work and collective responsibility, Helping grassroots women to become economically independent,Helping women recognize their labor and their innate intelligence as human resources ,Building women’s self confidence through personal development and technical training, Rural poor students summer camps, Construction and unorganized labor welfare development, Low External Input Sustainable Agricultural activities, Child Development, Child Education,, Poverty Alleviation, Tribal Welfare,, Women Empowerment, Slum Development, Health and water Sanitation Program, Human Rights,Preservation of Environment, ,  and other Charitable Program.


Equipping the down trodden to live the dignified life through multi processed initiatives.

ACT focuses its future programmes on the following aspects:

  1. Elimination of Child Labour 
  2. Promotion of Quality Education to the Rural Poor Children from unorganised workers family and Dalit Community. 
  3. Providing Technical education to the rural poor students focusing on the employment 
  4. Promotion of sustainable environment 
  5. Solid Waste Management 
  6. Promoting income generation activities to the disadvantaged women. 
  7. Creation of Ecological Farm Development as a demonstrative plant of Villupuram district.


To break blocking chains of social justice and to create new social order.


Principles of ACT

  1. Building capacity of the people
  2. Motivating the community to participate fully
  3. Networking with other Institutions (Govt, Private & NGOs)
  4. Ensuring sustainability of the program
  5. Cross cutting issues of environmental aspect


ACT was blossomed in the year 1981 by a body of like minded people who had thirst to serve the society, quench to render social justice and to create equalitarian society under the leader ship of Mr.S. Arulandu. It has been successful 36 years of ACT in social development initiatives.

ACT has been working in 22 blocks of Villupuram district, Tamil Nadu. The people we work with are unorganized labors, women, children, youth, Dalit and environment related stakeholders.


  • Registration Certificate
  • 12A Certificate
  • 80G Certificate
  • FCRA Certificate